Unique Indian Handicraft

India is known for its ethnicity. It is the most diversified country in the world where culture changes from north to south, east to west. As far as art and culture is concerned, it is among the culturally rich countries of the world. Indian Handicrafts are highly demanded all over the world.

Handicrafts are items that are constructed by hand using simple tools rather than mass production methods and equipments. They involve the creation of a wide range of objects, including clothing, religious symbols and jewelry.

India is a manufacturing hub of varied kinds of handicraft. Different states in India such as Tripura, north eastern Manipur, Rajasthan, Kashmir, the southern part, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu are popular for their handicraft collection. Every state offers a wide variety of handicrafts, with their own identity.

Today, Indian handicraft has an unsurpassable standing in the global market and the products manufactures are in great demand. uses a marketplace model to capture the best of India.

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